Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur said he’s being replaced by Rev. Al Sharpton because Sharpton is friendlier to the White House. Uygur left MSNBC last week after holding down the network’s 6PM slot since January. “A friend of mine just suggested that I watch the ’60 Minutes’ piece from a couple of months ago on […]

Rev. Al Sharpton spoke out against Black journalists who criticized his credentials to host an upcoming show on MSNBC. Sharpton said that he is an advocate, not a journalist and if he accepts the offer, the show would be in that role — opinions and advocacy, not news. The Root Reports: “We can’t get into […]

Rev. Al Sharpton has expressed his personal opinion of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, calling his politics a “joke.” Sharpton’s comment was said on “The Ed Show,” scrutinizing Cain, who has weighed in on the media squabble between comedian Jon Stewart and Fox News. In recent weeks, Stewart has candidly joked about Fox News on […]

Rev. Al Sharpton said this past weekend that by courting the Black vote, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich “assumes [Blacks] are stupid,” accusing the politician of trying to “cover up the fact that his campaign is falling apart.” Sharpton called Gingrich’s attempt to reach out to Black voters “an insult,” enraged with the conservative for […]

The Rev. Al Sharpton spoke Tuesday about the importance of Black digital media at the headquarters of the largest digital media company super-targeted to the African-American audience according to Comscore, InteractiveOne. RELATED: Sharpton Heads Class Of Top 15 Civil Rights Leaders Of The 21st Century Sharpton’s appearance focused on his belief that not only is […]

New York– President Obama will be joining Rev. Al Sharpton in New York Wednesday to speak at the National Action Network rally.