Rick Perry

Presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry recently said on a campaign stop in South Carolina that the Civil Rights movement is similar to the GOP’s current fight for lower taxes. “Listen, America’s gone a long way from the standpoint of civil rights and thank God we have,”said the Texas governor. “We’ve gone from a […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry took blows at both President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the Iowa State Fair on Monday. “Mr. President, you need to free up the employers of this country to create jobs.” Perry called on Obama to “free up this country” from “stifling regulation.” “I’m a pro-business governor, I […]

Roland Martin, Leslie Sanchez and Wolf Blitzer discuss Gov. Rick Perry announcing his bid for the White House.

Roland Martin appears in The Situation Room with Rich Galen and host Wolf Blitzer to discuss Gov. Rick Perry’s charitable donations.

If you didn’t know any better, you might conclude that Rick Perry either is George W. Bush, or that he’s doing a pretty good imitation of him (or vice versa.) Perry’s voice and intonation are a lot like Bush’s. The gestures, the squinting and the laughter at seemingly inappropriate points in a sentence — are […]