The Carl Nelson Show

Start your King weekend celebrations today. First up Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King on Trump creating a National Historic Park for Dr. King. The NOI International Representative, Minister Akbar Muhammad will also preview his UN speech set for Monday on King & Malcolm. Also the former head of the National Bankers Association, Michael Grant.

The Black Unifier, Brother Kush from Positive Kemetic Visions in WDC on the state of Black Leadership from the traditional Civil Rights Groups to current day so-called Conscious Leaders are they still valid. Before we get to Brother Kush, two physicians from Black Doctors Matter on the challenges facing them.

#Powertalker, Pan-Africanist, Educator & Griot Dr. Leonard Jeffries hold another class today. Dr. Jay will discuss the fight for the Afrikan Mind,& how Black Leaders can use their power in that fight. Before we get to Dr. Jay, Business Lecturer, Success & Wealth Builder and Researcher, Dr. Dennis Kimbro on how to get your financial […]

#Powertalker, Egyptologist, Anthony T. Browder reminisces on the legacy of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing. Tony with your help will examine how Dr. Welsing would handle some of the current problems facing the Black Community. Before we get to Tony, Alabama Democratic Political Activist, Audri Scott Williams on how Black women put Doug Moore in the […]

Mystery Man, Mark from Anaheim joins us to discuss the Trump-Pence Administration, Syria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Omarosa,F ederal Judges, Black Identity Extremist groups & more. Before we get to Mark, Former Benton Harbor, Michigan NAACP leader, the Rev. Edward Pickney updates us on his legal fight.

Peabody award winning Author, Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Cathy Harris examines the spate of accusations against men in the workplace. One of her books is titled “Workplace Survival Guide”, a must read to navigate the on the job pitfalls. Before we get to Cathy, Terrance Amen from says he has the solution to financial […]

Professor of Critical Thinking and African History, Dr. David Horne on Black Consciousness, 21st Century Pan Afrikanism, HBCU’s in trouble & more. Before we get to Dr. Horne, Community Activist Mollie Bell & Native American Activist, Jay Winter Nightwolf on celebrating Thanksgiving.

#Powertalker, Public Enemy’s Minister of Information, Professor Griff on The FBI’s plan to go after so-called Black Identity Extremist & more. Before we get to Professor Griff, Linguist, Dr. Ernie Smith on what happened to the Ebonics Debate?

#Powertalker Anthony T. Browder’ in Great Pyramid of Giza. Up until now, no one had stumbled upon the 30-meter-long space hidden within the limestone and granite walls of the largest and oldest of Egypt’s famed pyramids. Before we get to Anthony T. Browder, Activist, Anice Jenkins updates us on the fight for DC Statehood.

#Powertalker, Dr. Claud Anderson on the cancellation of the oral arguments in the Harvest Institutes’ lawsuit on Black Indian & Black Freedmen’s’ case. Dr. Anderson will explain what it means. Before we get to Dr. Anderson, Brother, Tehuti reviews the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’ from a Masonic Perspective.