Tom Joyner Morning Show

2/8/17- Yesterday’s news cycle was a doozy from every aspect. Find out Tom and Sybil’s thoughts on Chrisette Michele’s interview, Trump’s Secretary of Education pick, Jacque Reid’s interview and the almighty Elizabeth Warren. Listen below. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

2/7/17- Did you miss the news of the Super Jinx? Find out why Tom, Sybil and Lavell all agree that it doesn’t look good for the Fly Jock. Listen to the funny below.

2/3/17- A hoe-getter? Lavell Crawford says there’s nothing better than a woman going after her own. Also find out how he justified the Florida Pastor having sex with another man’s husband. Listen below.

2/2/17- Who blind-sided Sherri Shepherd live on air? How ride or die is Kym Whitley? Find out all the details below!

1/31/17- What did Donald Trump do now? Find out and hear why Tom, Sybil and Lavell Crawford say that anything is possible under this new administration. Listen below.

1/27/17-  Happy Friday! The TJMS crew are talking all things Donald Trump and what will be affected if the infamous wall is built. From salads to Tequila, Tom, Sybil and Lavell are preparing to go without some of their favorite things (or march trying).  

1/26/17- It’s Sherri Shepherd Thursday on the TJMS and Tom, Sybil and Kym Whitley are jumping in to all of Sherri’s business with her ex-husband. Listen below!

1/24/17- It’s a Lavell Crawford kind of Tuesday on the TJMS! Find out about the funny man’s new bit, The Fat Man’s Corner, why the Devil Worshipers for Trump make him nervous and much more! Listen below.

1/23/17- It’s Monday and co-host Arsenio Hall is talking all things NFL, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy and of course the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Listen below!

1/20/17- It’s Fun Friday on the TJMS but it’s also the day that the world never saw coming. Tom, Sybil and co-host Lavell Crawford weigh in on Donald Trump’s big day and more.