Washington D.C.

By Kenneth Mallory District of Columbia officials joined the Washington D.C. Chamber of Commerce and metro area business leaders to announce the creation of a voluntary hiring initiative to facilitate the employment of city residents by area employers. The “One City-One Hire,” initiative is designed to provide wage subsidies, tax-incentives, and job training by the […]

By Kenneth Mallory District of Columbia officials and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood say construction of the District’s 11th Street Bridge Project shows how infrastructure investment produces jobs,  and demonstrates how President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act could put people back to work. D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, D.C. City Councilman Marion Barry, Terry Bellamy, director of […]

By Matt Stevens Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray has added some new and needed faces into the upper ranks of his office. He plans to restore the confidence of D.C. residents by bringing in District outsiders, a move that breaks with past traditions of local government. Gray announced the appointment of Christopher Murphy as his […]

By Reniqua Allen In the 1975, Parliament released the album “Chocolate City” as a tribute to Washington D.C., the first city to have a majority Black population in the wake of race riots and unrest during the proceeding decades. For years after, the Chocolate City moniker was a symbol of pride and power as Detroit, […]

Rain or shine, thousands will be converging on Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, for festivities and marches marking the dedication of the first memorial on our National Mall to an African-American: Martin Luther King, Jr. Click or print the map below for details! http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=212860322494403161006.0004ab5438f0a76e077db&ie=UTF8&vpsrc=6&ll=38.907732,-77.0327&spn=0.046753,0.104713&z=13&output=embed View NewsOne’s Guide To DC For MLK Memorial Dedication in a […]

The smiles and laughter of many of the youth inside the first level of a building at the Richardson Dwellings Housing Development  on 54th Street in Ward 7 seem to belie the area’s rough surroundings and data about the Ward, that at first blush would not indicate an abundance of promise and opportunity for those […]

“This is not an anti-Obama poverty tour and I’m tired of hearing that quite frankly,” broadcaster Tavis Smiley told ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper today on his way into DC Central Kitchen in the nation’s capitol. Smiley and Princeton Prof. Cornel West have embarked on a lengthy multi-city Poverty Tour around the country […]

As the most recent data demonstrates scant growth in the nation’s employment rate, lawmakers on Capitol Hill appear to be abruptly shifting their discussions regarding raising the nation’s debt ceiling back to a chief concern of many Americans: unemployment. But leaders in the nation’s capital – a place where unemployment nears 25 percent in some […]

Washington D.C. council member Harry Thomas Jr. settled a lawsuit with the Washington D.C. attorney general after being accused of stealing money meant for youth programs. Thomas will pay back $300,000 to the city, but still refuses to step down from his position despite various calls for his resignation. The fact that Thomas opted to […]

WASHINGTON —For African American D.C. natives, Mumbo sauce is one flavor that tastes like home. The unique sauce, which by some has been described as a blend between barbeque and sweet-and-sour sauce, is a staple of the city’s subculture. As gentrification is changing the city’s mostly Black make-up, and businesses are finding themselves catering to […]