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When Jasmine Marks dined with friends at La Fisherman in Houston recently, she said the service was not that great.

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Furthermore, she was miffed at the 17 percent gratuity calculated into the final bill their server brought to the table.

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Marks didn’t want to pay the 17 percent gratuity, which is the policy of the restaurant when more than five people are in one party. This caused the restaurant to lock her and her party inside the restaurant and call the police, Click2Houston.com reports.

Here is more on this story:

The gratuity policy was clearly marked on the restaurant’s menus. But Marks said when they questioned it the workers wouldn’t let her or her friends leave; she claims they locked the door and called the police.

“She was like, ‘You have an unsettled bill and ya’ll can’t leave until you pay it,’” Marks said. “We paid our bill for what we ate, we paid the bill.”

Marks said it was only the 17 percent tip they were questioning.

“She said, ‘That’s fine. If you don’t want to pay the gratuity we have HPD outside,’” Marks said. “I asked the police officer twice, maybe three times, is it against the law if we don’t pay the gratuity and he never gave me a straight answer.”

The on-duty manager at La Fisherman Restaurant told KPRC Local 2 they usually don’t have a problem with people paying their gratuity, it but admitted they have called police for this type of issue before.

Marks feels that, if the service is bad, she should not be obligated to offer a tip. We’ve all been there, but something tells me it doesn’t work that way. Go to Click2Houston.com for more on this story.


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