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Contributions to George Zimmerman have ballooned to a whopping $1,000 per day since his $150,000 bond was revoked for lying to Judge Kenneth Lester about available funds, reports Huffington Post.

Attorney Mark O’Mara said that he will request another bail hearing, while also acknowledging that Zimmerman had completely undermined his already questionable reputation:

“The gravity of this mistake has been distinctly illustrated, and Mr. Zimmerman understands that this mistake has undermined his credibility, which he will have to work to repair,” O’Mara said. “While Mr. Zimmerman acknowledges that he allowed his financial situation to be misstated in court, the defense will emphasize that in all other regards, Mr. Zimmerman has been forthright and cooperative.”

As previously reported by Newsone, $204,000 raised from the now-defunct website, $150,000 is under the administration of an independent third party. About $30,000 was used to help Zimmerman go into hiding after he was released from jail in April. The remaining $20,000 was kept in cash to help with the Zimmermans’ living expenses. A separate website started by O’Mara has raised $37,000.

Zimmerman’s wife Shellie also lied in court, and the couple used code to discuss how much money they actually had when Zimmerman was in jail.

“It’s not again like they were trying to hide the money or leave with the money,” Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, told ABC. “They just had it… and felt like they needed to secure themselves.”

Apparently, O’Mara doesn’t realize that all this proves is that his client is willing to lie to protect himself…even if its to get away with murder.


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