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After being charged with bank fraud in his 2008 election, D.C. Chairman Kwame Brown resigned Wednesday night, only hours after the charges were brought up against him. He told Washington Post: 

“Because of the great respect that I have for the institution that is the Council of the District of Columbia, I have chosen the only honorable course in submitting my resignation at this time,” Brown wrote in a letter to the council secretary. “I simply will not hold this body, and its important work hostage to the resolution of my personal indiscretions.”

Brown, whose ‘s 2008 campaign was under investigation for almost a year, has been charged with one felony account of bank fraud. The charge, however, isn’t linked to any of his political campaigns. Washington Post also reported that the charges accuse Brown of falsifying records in applications to obtain a home loan and to buy a $50,000 powerboat. Federal prosecutors said that he inflated his income by “tens of thousands of dollars” in the two-year scheme that started in August 2005. Brown is scheduled to attend a plea hearing on Friday

Ward 3 councilwoman Mary Cheh is serving as the interim chairperson. She is serving as the temporary chair until the full council can elect a new chairperson within the next week.

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