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As we get set to celebrate Black History Month in February, a very interesting conversation will take place in the Nation’s Capitol on racial stereotypes of Native Americans. Local Columnist Courtland Milloy reported in the Washington Post that Philip J. Deloria of the Standing Rock Sioux would moderate a community conversation on the name of the Washington professional football team. The event will take place February 7th at the National Museum of the American Indian. African Americans in this country have fought to remove negative images and stereotypes for hundreds of years. So why is it that we marginalize the efforts of Native Americans who fight to remove similar stereotypes and images? Steve Mueller, in his Personal Development Blog Gone Wild said the earliest traces of the proverb “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” date back to the Cherokee Tribe of Native Americans. It took hundreds of years to finally elect an African American as President of  the United States. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another hundred years to remove the stereotypes and  negative images of Native Americans.

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