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Today we honor Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A national holiday was declared for the former minister and civil rights movement leader with a huge statue on the national mall, not far from his famous “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

The situation on the Indian reservation in South Dakota is not an isolated incident. All across this country: the rising cost of living; higher gas prices; increased food prices; childcare expenses, are making it more difficult to maintain our current way of life.

While many of us in the U.S. and around the world continued enjoying life before COVID; never did we imagine in less than two years, we would be in the position we are today.

It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of Blacks in the United States vote for Democrats. However, given that Black Republicans share the Black experience in this country, what is it about the Republican Party that appeals to them?  Do they have an understanding that the rest of us lack? Did many of us inherit […]

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is not willing to cooperate with the FBI when it comes to allowing the organization a backdoor to it’s encryption process that protects customers personal information.  Calling it a threat to data security, Cook contents this information, even in the FBI’s hands could give them access to your health records, financial […]

Today was supposed to be a day where we celebrated pastors in the greater Washington metropolitan area for outstanding work in the community.

I have many fond memories of Raymond Woods aka The More Better Man during his career at WOL.

They came from all over the country to hear from some of the greatest minds; thinkers of our generation. News Talk 1450 WOL afternoon host Carl Nelson and his PowerTalk One conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Northest Washington featured guest speakers Dick Gregory; Dr. Francis Cress Welsing; historian Anthony Browder; Dr. Claud Anderson; Dr. […]

Shameeka Hunt is a wife and mother of two. Her creation of a product line of women’s compression undergarments was the result of addressing a personal need - the birth to two children via Cesarean section (C-section) within a three year period.

Make sure you check out the Nikita Floyd Show Friday at 10am when Nikita talks about the blame game in the snow fiasco in Atlanta; Black History month, and what we should be doing in February in preparation for the 2014 lawn and garden season. Nikita will also discuss healthy eating experiences and love inspiration-words […]