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This morning Roland Martin talked with legal experts this morning about the ramifications of the latest Chris Brown arrest.

As reported, Brown, 24, was charged with felony assault in Washington, D.C. yesterday for allegedly punching a man in the face who was trying to enter Brown’s tour bus. Not only is the R&B star facing charges in D.C., but this incident could mean incarceration for violating his probation in Los Angeles for the 2009 attack on Rihanna.

“The arrest alone is still a probation violation, and his probation could be violated or revoked, which means jail time, up to 4 years,” explained attorney Lauren Lake, of “Paternity Court,” while talking to Martin on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. She continued:  ”This young man is troubled, arrogant, stupid, or poorly advised or all of the above, because it just doesn’t make any sense that he keeps involving himself in these same situations.”

Retired judge Kevin A. Ross, of ”America’s Court,” elaborated on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin. Because California has a 3 strikes sentencing law,  he explained, “If [Brown] explodes one more time…If he commits any other felony, it doesn’t even have to be serious or violent, he’s looking at a minimum of 25 years to life, if prosecutors choose to pursue that.”

Listen to the full exchanges below, and find out what else could be in store for Chris Brown.

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Roland Martin talks with retired judge Kevin A. Ross, of America’s Court,” about Chris Brown’s recent arrest.

Roland Martin talks with attorney Lauren Lake, of “Paternity Court.”

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