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Bob Inglis ousted by Republican party for not hating Obama.

There are landmarks all over our city named after LaGuardia and Javits and Rockefeller, names out of the city’s great Republican past, when the party was one of intelligence, not fear-mongering and hate.

When its membership included even the great name put to the Jackie Robinson Parkway. The current Republican Party, one hijacked by hustlers and extremists, not only looks to destroy President Obama. It even starts to kill its own. Rep. Bob Inglis, a voice of reason at a dumb, unreasonable time in American politics, is one of them. Inglis (R-S.C.) will be out of a job soon for not hating Barack Obama nearly enough.

The irony, he says, is that he disagrees with Obama on almost everything. Inglis, a conservative Republican from a state so red you worry it might set itself on fire, used to go after Bill Clinton with everything he had. But these days he comes up an even better American than a Republican, speaking his own mind, refusing to join a chorus of idiots and call Obama his enemy, or an enemy of the state. Inglis’ state or anybody else’s.

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