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The family of 8-year-old Aolani Dunbar (pictured) is reportedly hurt that their community has not reached out to them after their child’s classmates allegedly bullied, then yanked off part of her sewn-in hair weave — and a piece of her scalp along with it — according to MyFox Atlanta.

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The alleged bullying began three years ago, but it only intensified after Aolani got extensions put in to her hair on Saturday, September 28th. According to Aolani’s mom, Sarah Charles, as soon as her daughter went to school the following Monday, children in her third-grade class began pulling her hair and teasing her about having, what they reportedly thought, was a wig on her head.

Charles told the New York Daily News that she contacted Aolani’s Roopville Elementary School on Tuesday to complain about the hair-pulling but she didn’t receive any sympathy. For two weeks, the distraught Mom kept complaining about the escalating bullying and hair-yanking that was allegedly being done to her biracial child, but nothing was allegedly done to remedy the situation.

On October 15th, Aolani had to be taken to the emergency room because her mom reportedly noticed a vile odor emanating from her head. Upon further inspection, Charles noticed a large scar: All of the hair-pulling on Aolani’s head had resulted in part of her scalp being pulled away; the scar was infected.

Aolani’s mom reportedly had to shave off all of Aolani’s hair in order to decrease the risk of the infection spreading further. Several family members also shaved their heads as a show of solidarity.

As a result of the bullying, one of the main children who allegedly was instigator in the incident was reportedly suspended for only one day. Aolani, who now reportedly suffers from headaches as a result of the scalp tearing, was moved to another third-grade class.

Charles, who put her child’s bullying on blast via Facebook, says that she has not received any support from her community.  The reason why Charles says she went public with her story in the first place was so that others would not endure what Aolani went through at her school.

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