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Shameeka Hunt

Shameeka Hunt

Shameeka Hunt is a wife and mother of two. Her creation of a product line of women’s compression undergarments was the result of addressing a personal need – the birth to two children via Cesarean section (C-section) within a three year period. Shameeka interviewed with Carl Nelson this week about her creation KeepMeTight. You can listen to the interview below.

KeepMeTight is a product line of women’s compression undergarments that was created to provide medium to firm control of various areas of a woman’s body. The demographic target audience for KeepMeTight is, women of all races; age 18 plus; size S – 2XL. The psychographic profile of the target customer is, stay at home moms; professional women; active women and retirees. What differentiates the KeepMeTight Hour Glas product is its unique integration of comfort, ease and natural materials. The Hour Glas was designed to provide comfortable full coverage of the core area, with attention to compression of the abdomen, promotes good posture, and provides good back support. This integration makes the Hour Glas the most suitable solution to troublesome bellies and a great supplement to your fitness and nutritional regimen!

A colorful artistically designed carrying / storage pouch made of 100% cotton is included as added value for purchases. The pouch is multi-functional and can be used as a carrying case, travel bag, clutch, or make-up case.

The innovation of the KeepMeTight product was a result of addressing a personal need by its creator, Shameeka Hunt. After giving birth to two children via Cesarean section (C-section) within three years, Shameeka wanted a postpartum solution that would compress the belly fat that was a residual after her pregnancy and C-section surgical procedures. Comfort was important as she needed to maintain the agility required to care for two active young children. As a wife and professional woman who cares about her appearance, it was important for her to maintain a physically fit and stylish appearance.

Understanding that a healthy diet and exercise regimen was required to lose the weight, she also needed a solution that would allow her to project a fit image until she was able to lose the weight in her stomach area. While she experienced good results with diet and exercise efforts, the stomach area reduced at a slower rate which emphasized the mid-section area resulting in an undesirable body shape appearance.

Having searched the marketplace for a shapewear undergarment solution that provided the elements of effective compression and comfort, Shameeka became frustrated and decided to design her own solution. As a trained engineer, she took a scientific approach to the design and materials that would maximize effectiveness. This gave rise to the KeepMeTight Hour Glas band that is the flagship of what she envisions will be a full line of shapewear offerings. Having created the perfect solution for herself, Shameeka was inspired to help other women who struggle to maintain control of the muffin top and love handles that impact the mid-section of many women.

Shameeka Hunt received her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech University located in Blacksburg, VA. She earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University located in Washington, DC. She also maintains an active Project Management Profession (PMP) certification from the Program Management Institute (PMI). Her work experience includes that of Electronics Engineering for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Systems Engineering and Technical Assistant for Booz Allen & Hamilton, and a Project Manager and Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL).

In addition to her passion, practical life skills learned as a mother, combined with her education and technical perspective as an electrical engineer and the management skills of a project manager, give Shameeka the qualifications to run the company and build a successful brand. Other unique qualities include an uncompromised work ethic, attention to detail, strong administrative skills, high self-motivation, and a finisher mentality who always sees a task through completion.