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Close-up of different types of shampoos

There are hundreds of types of shampoo. And they all claim that they’ll give you shinier hair, more moisturized hair, smoother hair, etc. But how different are they really? And are you really using the one that’s right for your hair?

What Is Shampoo?

All shampoos contain a cleanser and a conditioner. How much of each is in the shampoo depends on the hair type it’s specifically made for.

How Often Does Black Hair Really Need To Be Shampooed?

Stylists say that they often have to explain to clients that African-American hair needs to be washed regularly, as in at least once a week. Bacteria can grow on the scalp without regular cleansing, and this is extremely unhealthy for not only your hair and scalp, but for your entire body.

The Best Shampoo For Dry Hair

The central part of the hair shaft is where all the proteins that give hair its strength are. Surrounding the hair shaft is the cuticle, which is made of flattened cells, arranged sort of like shingles on a roof. If their edges aren’t lined up perfectly, then hair is dry, dull and brittle.

Many black women tend to have hair that’s more prone to dryness. Part of the reason for this is due to the unique makeup of black tresses, which often contain less water and breaks more easily than some other hair types. Also, curly textures tend to be the most vulnerable to drying out and breaking because the bends in kinky hair make it difficult for natural oils to work their way down the hair shaft.

Added to this is the fact that many women use harsh products on their hair, such as relaxers and other types of chemical processes, as well as styling their hair with extreme heat. These types of processes cause the keratin protein that makes up the hair to be lost.

It’s important to note that there’s only so much a shampoo can do to repair that damage causes by protein loss.

The Best Shampoos For Natural Hair

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