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Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel look at the latest accusations being made against Bill Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting a large number of women over the course of the past 30 years. The count now stands at 26 women who have alleged Cosby sexually assaulted them or tried to assault them.

“NewsOne Now” panelist, Monique Pressley, Principal of the Pressley Firm PLLC and class action defense attorney told Martin, where the “sheer volume of accusers” is concerned, “you’ll have some people who will come forward and join the band wagon.

“If you know the police department messed up in a certain park on a certain day, you’ll have thirty people who’ll come forward to cash in who weren’t even there, who were at lunch across the street, who were looking from the window.”

Pressley continued, “So we can’t think that just because people come forward and say ‘thirty years ago he (Bill Cosby) put something in my cup, I can’t prove he put it in there, I felt a little woozy. I didn’t save the cup. I didn’t go to the hospital’ … So what do we have now.?

Listen to the often times heated conversation between “NewsOne Now” panelist Monique Pressley, Cleo Manago and Lauren Victoria Burke as they debate the guilt or innocence of Bill Cosby below. Should we consider the 77-year-old comedian guilty as a result of the sheer volume of allegations being made against him or should we defer from trying him in the court of public opinion until he is officially charged and convicted of a crime?

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