According to multiple reports, Bill Cosby has been found guilty on sexual assault charges. Charged in 2015, Cosby faced three counts of aggravated assault. His initial trial lead to a a mistrial after the jury was deadlocked. In the years since, some 50 women have come forward with accusations of sexual malfeasance by Cosby dating […]


A mistrial has been declared in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial after a jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision. A jury of five women and seven men deliberated for over 50 hours and couldn’t not come to an agreement. Cosby faced three charges of aggravated indecent assault. Related: Joe Torry Defends Supporting Bill Cosby At […]

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Even Cliff Huxtable couldn't get him out of this one.

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Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby hopes to cop a plea deal that will allow him to avoid jail time, according to the infamous Page Six section of the New York Post.

Plus, Bill Cosby's lawyers file motion stating that because he's legally blind he cannot defend himself in court and an Iowa Trump supporter was arrested for voter fraud.

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Moira Smith, a lawyer from Alaska, said that she was groped by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during a Truman Foundation dinner 17 years ago.

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As the sexual misconduct accusations continue to mount, how can Republicans support Donald Trump?