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Enjoying career success is easier if you are in the right industry. At the First Annual Diversity Affluence Brunch in Silicon Valley, in Palo Alto, Calif. earlier this spring, Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream, revealed how she chose her path to success. She heads a company that provides governance, risk, and compliance cloud apps, among other business solutions, and has been valued at $400 million, according to She stands out as the rare Black female CEO of a Silicon Valley concern.

Archambeau received the following advice:

“If you want to go after big dreams and big aspirations, then you want to get into industries that are growing. ‘Cause if industries are growing, that means there will be more opportunities to take advantage of.”

If you have any doubt that she’s in a growth industry now, note that in 2012, the Guardian reported that the tech sector had grown “at a pace three times faster than the private sector as a whole.”

That’s why Archambeau came out of college, she hopped right into the tech field, because it was not only growing, “it was pretty cool.”

Furthermore, Archambeau sees her industry as being one of the “key reasons” for growth in the American economy.

Watch what else Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream, had to say in the video clip above.

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