Man, just get yourself a big screen TV at BJ's or Costco for under $1,000 and live your life as a free man. SMH.

Mariam Creighton was month's away from graduating with her degree in biology. The post HBCU Community In Shock After Albany State Volleyball Player Fatally Shot At Atlanta Nightclub appeared first on NewsOne.

It's interesting that all the things that Black men are stereotyped about--being predatory with white women, lying, cheating and being totally untrustworthy with finances--Trump actually is!  And MAGAs who hate Black men love it.  The post Stormy Daniels Testimony About Trump’s Lewd Behavior Is Exactly As Cringey As You Think appeared first on NewsOne.

Could it have been a crazy conspiracy theorist believing that Drake is involved in some wild pedophile ring and wanted to take matters into his own hands a la "Pizzagate"?


White supremacist Marian Hudak, who terrorized Black and brown people, got fewer than four years in prison for a racist federal hate crime, which is less than what guidelines call for. The post Light Sentence? KKK Flag-Flying White Supremacist Who Terrorized Black, Brown People Gets 41 Months appeared first on NewsOne.


Dearborn Heights, Michigan, white man Mark Denis Grzybowski is accused of pulling a gun on a Black father and his toddler son over yard work. The post White Man Angry Over Yard Work Accused Of Pulling Gun On Black Dad, Toddler Son appeared first on NewsOne.

LONDON, United Kingdom — A teenaged boy was killed, and four others were hurt, in a London sword attack Tuesday morning. Police were told that a 36-year-old man had crashed his car into a home in Hainault, a suburb in east London, around 7 a.m. BST. They say that man then got out of the […] The post 14-Year-Old Killed, Others Hurt, in London Stabbing appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) announced Wednesday that a grand jury had issued the nine-count indictment against seven top Trump aides and 11 Arizona Republicans who are accused of falsely certifying votes for the ex-president despite President Joe Biden narrowly winning the state. The post Arizona AG Indicts 7 Trump Aides And 11 Fake Electors In Yet Another Election Interference Case appeared first on NewsOne.

Judge Merchan issued a gag order barring Trump from making public statements about any witnesses, prosecutors, jurors or court staff--standard practice for court proceedings--but that didn't stop the commander-in-losing-and-lying-and-lying-about-losing from attacking the judge’s daughter on social media, prompting the order's expansion fto cover the relatives of court staff members and attorneys working the case. The post Judge Loses Patience With Trump Lawyer During Gag Order Hearing. Maybe It’s Time To Bind And Gag Trump! appeared first on NewsOne.

An elderly white man has been charged with murder in South Charleston, Ohio, after he shot and killed a Black woman who was the victim of the same scam call he had been scammed by. The post White Man Charged With Murdering Black Woman Uber Driver Over A Scam She Wasn’t Responsible For appeared first on NewsOne.