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Open phone Friday. Call in and get your point heard.

Greetings W.O.L family,
 On this Friday mornings  presentation of the Carl Nelson Show, Minister Gabree Amlak will share some enlightening information on theSuper Blood Moon, scheduled to make  it’shighly publicized  appearance on Sunday Sept 27th, at approx 9.pm. Est. What effect will this“Total Lunar Eclipse” have on the mundane affairs, mental and spiritual consciousness of our global family?  Is the escalation of violence in our communities related, in any way, to these high frequency ecliptic energies. Will the upcoming Presidential elections be influenced by current positions of zodiacal constellations?  How can we utilize this rare cosmic occurrence, predicted by  the orthodox religious community as an omen of  “End Times”, to empower and prepare ourselves to achieve higher levels of Health ,Success and Happiness.  Please inform Family, and friends to tune into
Radio One, W.O.L 1450 am or listen in  via the internet to  the Carl Nelson Show, Washington D.C. at 6.am Est. on Friday Sept 25th. (Min Amlek)

The Big Show rips off on 1450 WOL Washington D.C at. 6 am EST., 5 am CST., 3 am PST., Call in # 800 450 7876 to participate & listen live @www.woldcnews.com.