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It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we are taking a look at all of the insane stories trending in this week’s news.

MissterRay, WE TV Digital Correspondent; Jamira Burley, Senior Campaigner for Gun Violence and Criminal Justice at Amnesty International USA; Dr. Jason Johnson, Political Analyst/Author; and Danielle Belton, associate editor at The Root, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for the journey into insanity.

Kicking off the crazy in this week’s news … A passenger on a KLM flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam tried to open a plane door after allegedly thinking it was the door to a bathroom.


An unidentified Michigan man nearly blew up a gas station after trying to kill a spider with a lighter while pumping gas. According to reports, arachnophobia drove him to light the spider and subsequently his car and the gas station up in flames.


“I’m rich, ______!” Two men dressed as Rick James and Super Fly pulled a bank heist in Indianapolis. Authorities are still looking for the two culprits.


It was raining weed in Nogales, Arizona, when 26 pounds of marijuana apparently fell from a drug smuggling plane onto a dog house. Police estimate the bundle of smoke is worth $10,000.


A Florida woman called 911 after being shorted on the purchase of $75 of marijuana. The jilted smoker was subsequently arrested for abusing 911, and the alleged drug dealer was allowed to go free as a result of insufficient evidence.

The woman’s distress call was all for naught, because after searching her car, cops found the alleged missing weed wedged between her car seat.

Watch Roland Martin and this week’s group of WTH?! play-by-play commentators run down all the insanity in the video clip above.

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