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Whether it’s coming from our most difficult adversaries or our most well-meaning family and friends, there will always be someone who will try to keep you from living your dreams and being your best self.

Don’t let that happen! It’s essential to break boundaries and to push yourself to reach new goals—especially when no one else shares your vision.

Lauren Lake, the uber successful judge and TV personality, can relate. Lake has plenty to say about paving your own path to greatness.

“You should live life without limits. Whether people tell you [that] you can do something, you can’t, you should, you should not, it’s up each one of us to write our own stories.”

Lake says that staying true to the things you are passionate about will let you shine and exceed.

“I hope my legacy is that I’ve lived a life without limits. That despite what anyone has told me that I could or could not be, that I should or should not be, I wrote my own story. I told my own story. I lived my own story.”

Mmmph. Amen to that! Hear more of Lake’s inspiring words in the video above.


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