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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07-gcV0NkOc Become a “Partner in Hope” by pledging just $20 a month to help kids at St. Jude fight cancer. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW AND GET YOUR T-SHIRT Today’s hottest artists have joined the #ThisShirtSavesLives movement to help St. Jude kids. When you become a Partner In Hope, you will get the This Shirt Saves […]

The second part of a new Goucher College Poll has been released. This poll focuses on the upcoming Maryland Democratic primary, all of the candidates and how they would fare against President Trump . Here are the results: Likely Voters: Twenty-four percent of Maryland Democratic likely voters say they will vote for Bernie Sanders 18 […]

The Goucher College Poll just released Monday morning highlights everything from state taxes to the Governor’s approval rating to residents’ perception of the General Assembly. The poll surveyed more than 700 adults in February. It shows Governor Larry Hogan maintains a strong job approval rating. 62 percent of those surveyed approve of the the job […]

Thousands of special agents are needed to round out the nation’s premier law enforcement and intelligent agency; the FBI. At first, it’s a lot of paperwork and interviews; but then, one must pass the FBI fitness test.   Sign Up For Our Newsletter! For The Latest News: Source:BaltimoreCBSLocal  

Since the beginning of time, black people have always been innovative and strategic when it comes to recreating the standard.  In this case, it’s the classic card game UNO. UNO has been an instrumental game that has gathered black households and communities together for some fun. Over time we have recreated the standard rules and […]