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That was a very proud moment for me because it showed that although he’s a typical two year-old, Liam has the ability to show empathy when he sees someone hurting. Even though he doesn’t get to see Baby a lot, he recognizes her as someone he cares for and wants to be happy.

The whole dramatic event made me think of how most of us start out as caring individuals who have no fear of showing others that we feel. There weren’t any cookies or toys to be gained from Liam trying to make Baby feel better. Not even the promise of a game of hide and seek. The only thing that mattered at that moment was that he saw someone he loved hurting and he wanted her to feel better.

Unconditional love and friendship is what we all want, right? It saddens me that one day Liam will have his heart broken just like everyone else but I hope that he doesn’t allow that to shape him into a man that’s unable to enjoy the feeling of loving and being loved. I loathe the day I’ll have to have the conversation with him about people who use others and play emotional games.

For now, I’ll just hope that his loving spirit remains intact as long as possible.

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