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Handicap child playing with his little brother

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Disabled 5-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Mall, Told His Wheelchair Was A ‘Safety Hazard’

Video footage shows the parents of Isiah Tate being told their son’s wheelchair was not allowed in the play area of the Mall of Georgia. “…It’s mall policy to keep them out of this area” said the security guard. Isiah is nonverbal and mobility impaired however according to his mother, April Tate, “…Isiah laughs and giggles and he’s so animated. You can tell that he really enjoys being [in the play area]. The Tate’s have since been issued an apology. “Our expectation is to provide an inclusive environment that is safe, comfortable and accessible for everyone, and we have no policy that states otherwise. We have connected with Isaiah’s mother to rectify the unfortunate and unacceptable misunderstanding,” said the mall in a statement. WSB-TV

Mother Arrested After Photo Of Her Smoking In Front Of Her Child Goes Viral

A friend posted the picture of Ashley Ann Lewis, 28, lighting a glass pipe with her 6-month-old daughter next to her on a couch. “Please help my friend Ashley Lewis and I stop using meth,” the now-deleted post said, according to police. “We can’t even stop with a baby around. We need help!” Child protective services have since taken custody of the baby girl. Lewis now faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and first degree endangering the welfare of a child. She could receive a sentence of up to 15 years in jail if she’s convicted. WDAF-TV & NY Daily News

Sarah Palin Is Getting Her Own Show

Endorsing Donald Trump for President may have helped former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin secure a production deal for a new show. Palin will preside over a new syndicated courtroom series similar to “Judge Judy” which is slated to premiere in 2017. “What happens next is she’ll meet with stations, make a pilot and sell it” said a source close to Palin. The production company behind the show is part of a team that includes the TV executive who discovered Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. Unlike her predecessors, Palin does not have a law degree. The selling point of having the politican as a “judge” is supposedly her unique personality and frequently controversial commentary. “Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for this project,” added the source. CNN

NY Man Sentenced For Attacking A Pregnant Woman

In March 2015, Darryl Guillyard assaulted Lakeeyua Walker, a 22-year-old pregnant woman, when she didn’t thank him for opening a door. He through a cup of coffee in her face, choked and punched her. She was 10-weeks pregnant at the time. He initially fled the scene but police eventually found him at his home in Chelsea., The 33-year-old recently pled guilty to second-degree assault in exchange for the jail term and five years of probation. NY Daily News


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