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Two candidates vying to take down their parties' front-runners could get big boosts if they win Tuesday in Wisconsin. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is leading Donald Trump in the Badger State's polls. And a Bernie Sanders win would mark his sixth victory over Hilla

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz both lead their competitors in Tuesday’s presidential primary race in Wisconsin, but they may face significant obstacles in the battle for the nomination, according to The Associated Press.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Wisconsin On Day Of State Primary

From The AP:

While Sanders remains a force in the Democratic primary, a win over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin would do little to significantly cut into her lead in delegates that will decide the party’s nomination. The stakes are higher for Cruz, who trails Donald Trump in the GOP race and sees Wisconsin as a crucial state in his effort to push the party toward a convention fight.


Complicating the primary landscape for both Cruz and Trump is the continuing candidacy of John Kasich. The Ohio governor’s only victory has come in his home state, but he’s still picking up delegates that would otherwise help Trump inch closer to the nomination or help Cruz catch up.

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For Democrats, 86 delegates are up for grabs in Wisconsin, while there are 42 for Republicans. Candidates need 2,383 to win the Democratic presidential nomination, and Clinton leads with 1,243 over Sanders, who has 980.

Republican candidates need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination. Currently, Trump holds 737, Cruz has 475, and Kasich has 143, according to the Associated Press.

Both Cruz and Trump have called on Kasich to drop out of the race, saying he’s making it harder for them to win delegates. What do you think: should Kasich drop out, or stay in the race and possibly force a brokered convention in three months? Sound off in the comments.

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