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The New York City Police Officer who used a chokehold on Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes has earned over $20,000 in overtime pay while on desk duty in the two years since the incident occurred, according to The New York Daily News.

NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo‘s salary rose to $119,996 in the fiscal year 2016. Politico’s review of payroll records indicates that Pantaleo received a 35 percent increase in overtime pay, and a 14 percent total increase from fiscal year 2015, which began a little before his infamous chokehold arrest of an unarmed Garner, who pleaded for his life, saying he couldn’t breathe.

Police officials placed Pantaleo on desk duty after the incident, stripping him of his badge and gun. A New York State grand jury declined to indict the officer on criminal charges in 2014, but a federal grand jury began hearing evidence in February 2016 on civil rights charges.

News of what appears to be financial rewards for Pantaleo’s actions is raising eyebrows and sparking anger among police reform advocates. Garner’s daughter Erica Garner tweeted, “This seems like movies. A bad one. No justice, no records, mayor tells me all lives matter. Pantaleo gets a bonus.”


New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has said the NYPD is awaiting the results of the federal investigation before disciplining Pantaleo.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t have an answer when reporters asked him about Pantaleo’s raises.

“I don’t know specifically how the Police Department handles assignments for people on that kind of (desk duty) status, so you have to go to the Police Department for that one,” De Blasio told reporters at an unrelated press conference, according to The News.

However, a spokesman for the mayor said later that De Blasio has discussed the matter with the retiring police commissioner’s replacement, and “this situation will be addressed,” The News reported.

SOURCE: New York Daily News, Politico | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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