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President Donald Trump repeated a rundown of the controversial policies pushed by his administration during his first address to Congress Tuesday night, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

…Though Trump provided a broad outline of his intended agenda, he offered few new details to Congress on how to get there. He said lawmakers should be guided by lower costs and expanded choice, but gave few ideas on how to get there. He also called for $1 trillion in public and private investment in the country’s crumbling infrastructure, while providing no ideas on how to offset the costs.

He also made no mention of Russia, which has cast a shadow over the administration as questions continue to swirl about the relationship top aides had with Moscow during the campaign. And while he promised to “soon” begin construction on his promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, he did not mention who will pay for it as Mexican leaders continue to say they will not fund the barrier.

…Trump’s address comes less than 40 days into a presidency that has so-far been defined more by controversies than legislative action. He has yet to sign any substantial bills into law, and actions taken on his biggest campaign promises have largely stalled…It’s led to Trump, one of the most unpopular presidential candidates ever to take the oath of office, holding a record low job approval rating for a newly inaugurated commander-in-chief. Just 44 percent of Americans say they approve of how Trump has handled his new job, while 48 percent say they disapprove.

Trump, who also reportedly talked about the possibility of a bipartisan immigration bill, later doubled down on an “aggressive strategy” for dismantling criminals cartels and plan to repeal Obamacare as well, reports the New York Times, which featured a transcript of the president’s speech.

SOURCE: NBC News, New York Times


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