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Let’s jump right in.

We start off back in Louisville on the plantation where Daniel (Bokeem Woodbine) and his family live. He’s learned to read and write (an extremely dangerous skill for a slave) and professes his love for his wife by writing the word. As sweet as the gesture is, she immediately destroys all evidence of the written affirmation.

In true Jackie O style, Elizabeth is in absolute shock (girl, us too) that her husband has been murdered in broad daylight.

After a failed attempt at rescuing Noah, Rosalee struggles with the thought of John’s death and leaving Elizabeth to rescue her family. Harriet and Georgia (from the sewing circle) discuss new plans to escape and true to the real-life rumors, Harriet faints and comes back with a new plan to get Rosalee to her family. Harriet tries her best to discourage Rosalee from any additional thoughts about rescuing Noah, but she ain’t leaving our her man like that.

Rosalee and her crew of runaways take to the forest to try to make their way to the river without getting caught. They arrive at Harriet’s friend’s house to refuel but Rosalee’s intuition, something Harriet told her to trust, tells her that something isn’t right about the house. True enough, the slave catchers are waiting inside.

In probably one of the best moments of the episode, Elizabeth and Georgia discuss the death of John in front of the very place he was killed. An angry Elizabeth is looking to take her revenge out on anyone that walks out the courthouse doors.

Then it happens.

She delivers the line that is so incredibly relevant to the murder of so many young black men and women, “…it’s just an excuse so nobody has take responsibility for allowing this world to be senseless.”

*insert the hundreds of black names of those killed at the hands of police*

Elizabeth continues, “…we have to disrupt their happy little lives.” And therein lies the reason why the Black Lives Matter protests and/or riots are often deemed necessary by some. You want change? Sometimes you’ve got to make people uncomfortable in order to get it.

We meet a high as a kite Ernestine back in South Carolina with Hicks (Robert C. Riley). Side note: where can we find us a Hicks? Minus the domestic violence of course. As sexy as the foot-washing scene, we’re quickly reminded of the Hicks’ no-good antics when he asks Ernestine to help his “friend”. We later find out the friend is a woman slave name Clara who has gotten pregnant by him. After meeting in the swamps, Ernestine offers a deadly cocktail that would terminate the pregnancy, but Clara decides she ultimately wants to keep the baby.

We also meet, for the second time, the ghost of Ernestine ex-husband, who she only sees in her hallucinogenic state. The former lovers reminisce on the years spent together raising their kids but the conversation turns ugly when he points out just how horrible a person Ernestine became in an effort to protect her children (sleeping with the Master, killing Pearlie Mae, etc). Back at home Hicks drags Clara into the house he and Ernestine share and forces her to reveal where the abortion cocktail is hiding. Hicks pours the liquid down her throat and leaves Clara in the middle of the floor. An unaffected Ernestine just watches. Even in the 1800s men told women what they could and couldn’t do with the babies they were never equipped to carry…

Last week’s episode showed Noah in the back of a wagon after Rosalee and John’s failed attempt at stealing him. One thing we’ve learned about Noah is that the brother is resourceful. And smart. And observant. After letting himself out of the chains, he rigs the wagon to crash in hopes of escaping. His plan works…kind of. He’s caught. Again. After a bit of what I like to call male ego banter, the wagon is fixed and the journey continues. After arriving on a plantation Noah takes who he thinks is the Master, hostage, only to find out Cato (remember him?) is in charge. The looks on both Noah and Cato’s face — priceless.

We’re reintroduced to Patty Cannon, a woman famously known for her work as the G.O.A.T of slave trading (Is it just me or does she bear a striking resemblance to Abby from Scandal?). We learn a bit more about her character this episode. In a nutshell she’s sleeping with one of her employees and trying to pitch a book about her life as the Queen of slave catching, despite her failed attempts at catching the most notorious runaway, Harriet Tubman. If there was such thing as shade in the 1800s, the writer definitely caught wind of it. Patty pays a visit back to the house that she intended to catch Rosalee at and ends up with a tip (The Black Rose) that she hopes will lead her right to Harriet Tubman.

A proud Rosalee and her crew finally make it the river. While basking in the days accomplishment, she looks out over the water, knowing that in a few hours the boat would arrive and she’d be one step closer to getting to her family. Within seconds, a shot rings out and Rosalee falls into the river!

For all intensive purposes we believe that Rosalee might be dead. But in true survival fashion, our girl is okay! Remember those turkey feathers she stuffed her jacket with before leaving? They were to stop any buck shots in the event she got hit. That was a tip from Harriet. Go Harriet.

Rosalee strips out of her clothes, frantically trying to make sure she wasn’t hit, but also revealing (what we knew in real life), a growing baby bump. Besides love, now it makes sense why she is so hell-bent in reuniting with Noah.

Let’s take a quick moment to admire Jurnee Smollett Bell‘s post-baby weight slay during awards season this year.

You go girl.

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