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It’s that time of the year and brand new Christmas movies are coming out and we can’t wait to watch them. TV One is coming out with a new Christmas favorite called You Can’t Fight Christmas starring Brely Evans. You may be familiar with Evans from Being Mary Jane and the stage play Two Can Play That Game.

“When I tell you when the writing is solid and then you come and put your little like extra juice on top it’s just a juicy situation,” explained Evans.

She brought that same juice to her TV One movie. “I came with that same juicy appeal and yeah I squeezed my juice all over it,” she laughed.

However, Evans has managed to do what many women can’t do. And that’s getting engaged and married in one week! How do you do that?

“What had happened was, I kept them legs closed see,” laughed Evans. “Sybil, we were introduced to by a PR person here in Los Angeles… We got on the phone together and we kind of talked and were friends for 10 months prior. And we were talking the same language and you know wanted the same things out of life.”

Things really picked up in their relationship when, “he found out that I wasn’t dating him exclusively that’s when things kind of changed. I promise you he was so angry with me,” said Evans. And just like that, “We were getting married in August and we had just met in November.”

Be sure to catch You Can’t Fight Christmas premiering Sunday, December 10 on TV One.

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