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Kerby McLean is a self-proclaimed “prosperity preacher,” but according to his alleged victims, he’s just another man using the name of God to cash in.

As reported by WSOC-TV, McLean “owns a financial services company in Charlotte called KDM Ventures. Whistleblower 9 obtained records showing McLean’s company took in $450,000 from three clients last year. They all told us McLean has disappeared with their money.” One of the so-called clients was  Dr. Mike Scruggs, a pastor at a Cincinnati church, who said his congregation gave McLean $100,000  “to help purchase a building and they gave it to McLean’s company to fund a loan. Ten months later, the money is gone and they say McLean hasn’t lived up to his side of the deal.” Scruggs and McLean’s other two clients are demanding their money back, but they can’t find him.

According to WSOC-TV, McLean’s social media accounts include photos of him standing next to a Mercedes Benz in front of a mansion. In older posts, he bragged about wanting luxury cars, a private jet, and a suite at the old Spectrum Center. One picture was taken during a pedicure with the hashtag: “imblessed.”

WSOC-TV hunted down McLean for an (awkward) interview where he said he was a victim of scam. Something in my spirit tells me he is the scam — allegedly. Watch below.


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