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Before Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Paris Dennard and many more — there was Clarence Thomas. The arguably anti-Black misogynist, who was accused of sexual harassment and tried to ruin Anita Hill‘s life (his accuser), has been helping to destroy America as a Supreme Court Justice for decades. His latest act of foolishness is a pro-gun rant the day of the Parkland shooting in Florida, which left 17 people dead.

In a court order for Silvester v. Becerra, the 69-year-old  babbled for 14 pages that there isn’t a gun problem in the United States. The plaintiffs in the case argued there shouldn’t be a 10-day waiting period for people to buy guns in California, which gives state officials time to run a background check on the buyer. Thomas’ response? No waiting period. He wrote, “Common sense suggests that subsequent purchasers contemplating violence or self-harm would use the gun they already own.” There is a waiting period to buy Sudafed, Thomas wants no waiting period for guns?

Surprisingly, not one person on the court agreed with him. According to Reuters, “The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday turned away a challenge to California’s 10-day waiting period for firearms purchases that is intended to guard against impulsive violence and suicides.”

Thomas’ advocacy for no waiting period to buy guns in California comes with horrific timing: the same day as the shooting in Parkland. Granted, he was not aware of the shooting when he wrote the order, but he was obviously aware of the countless and frequent mass shootings across the country.

This is why Justice Clarence Thomas is the great granddaddy of of the sunken place.

On another note, a woman named Angela Wright-Shannon came forward and said she was sexually harassed by Thomas in 1991. She is calling for his impeachment.  And we are so #HereForIt.

SOURCE:  Reuters

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