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The revelation that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer had dozens and dozens of secretly taped conversations increases the already high likelihood that the president will be caught on at least one of them using the N-word.

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Federal investigators obtained more than 100 recordings from attorney Michael Cohen, and many of them were expected to include conversations with Trump, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

Only a dozen tapes were known to exist when it was reported they were turned over on Friday to prosecutors, who were investigating Cohen’s business dealings and payments on Trump’s behalf to women who claimed they had sexual affairs with the president.

Trump has a long documented history of being a racist, including but definitely not limited to when the federal government accused him and his father of discriminating against minority renters in 1973 to this year to when he called African nations “shithole” countries and when he sided with Roseanne Barr after she posted a tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

Cohen, who once called himself Trump’s political “pit bull,” made some of the recordings while Trump was on the campaign trail and after he was elected president. There’s a good chance that the president used a racial slur with his fixer when discussing political enemies, including President Barack Obama and Georgia’s Democratic Rep. John Lewis, whom Trump attacked on Twitter after the congressman announced that he won’t attend the inauguration, and Maxine Waters, who the president has saved a special kind of hate for.

Trump could have also thrown the N-word at Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. The HUD chief is a friend now, but they were competitors for the GOP nomination. At one point, when Carson briefly pulled ahead of Trump in the polls, the president launched an attack by questioning his Carson’s religion.


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