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La La Anthony made it clear to Carmelo, don’t cheat again. In case you missed it, the power couple hit turbulent times, in 2017, when a rumor broke that he had fathered a child outside their marriage with alleged mistress, Mia Angel Burks.

La la and Carmelo legally separated amid the the rumors, but apparently the couple are back on good terms, with a warning.

La La has never validated rumors that Carmelo cheated, but using Beyonce lyrics to wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day seems like the most validation we’ve gotten about the situation since headlines first hit TMZ.

As for Carmelo’s alleged mistress, in a response to a comment on her Instagram, alluded to Carmelo not being in her daughter’s life.

“Is her dad in her life? Because how in the hell could a “man” have a child who looks exactly like him but he chooses to neglect the child?”

Whatever the case is, La La and Carmelo have worked it out and seem like they’re in a good space.


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