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Fresh off the heels of Mother’s Day weekend, a new podcast, “Talk To Your Mom” has launched to encourage adult children to have more transparent conversations with their mothers.

“Talk To Your Mom,” a home for conversation where generational knowledge is wealth, is the brainchild of writer, host and producer Keyaira Kelly, and her mom, Tarawoner Kelly, lifecoach and founder of TYL Foundation.

Each episode, Keyaira and Tarawoner tackle raw and candid discussions about traditionally taboo mom/daughter topics including sex, love, self-worth, spirituality, healing and trauma. Each episode is driven by a question, with an invitation for listeners to go out and challenge themselves to dive deep with their mamas too.

“In the last couple of years, I have become aware of the privilege it is to have a mom who sees me not just as her child, but as a woman with her own hopes, fears and dreams,” Keyaira said of the project.

“My goal is that these episodes will inspire other moms and their kids to get to know each other on a deeper level. I really feel where there is vulnerability, there is healing.”

While Keyaira fills the discussions with modern millennial wisdom, Tarawoner serves as both an inspiration to mothers about how to be more transparent with their kids, and also as a surrogate mom for adult listeners who may find it impossible to have real talk with a mother figure.

“Just be open and honest about what you’ve been through,” Tarawoner advises moms.

“Talk To Your Mom” to me is about intergenerational relationship. It’s a way to communicate revelation knowledge to your offspring about your life lessons so that future generations will be able to give the perfect gift of openness to their kids,” she explains.

“Being able to speak more candidly to my daughters without judgement is priceless to me. I want to see love and compassion move through these relationships so they can become whole and rich”.

The first episode of season 1, titled “Mama, Tell Me About The First Time You Had Sex,” is live now on Apple and Spotify.

You can follow “Talk To Your Mom” on both Instagram and Twitter. 

Watch more from the duo below:

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