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Attorney Ben Crump is releasing a new book tomorrow called, Open Season: Legalized Genocide Of Colored People; and he says it has “quite literally written itself.” Crump calls his book a continuation of ‘We charge genocide” which was presented to the United Nations by civil rights leaders in 1951. And here we are almost 70 years later and it almost seems like nothing has changed.

“No person of color thinks there’s equal justice in America,” Crump says. This book recalls history and dates back to the constitution when decided that People of African Decent will only be 3/5 of a person.

The book continues to write itself he says. Over the weekend 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson was murdered by a police officer in her own home. In this case he says police are “trying to do what they always do,” which is find anything to justify her murder.

“If the police would have done what we keep screaming” which is deescalate she and so many other people would still be here today, he says.” Because of situations like these he named chapter two of his book “the police don’t shoot white men in the back.”

So far Open Season: Legalized Genocide Of Colored People is the number one pre orderd book on Amazon.

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