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On every episode of the new season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” another layer of dysfunction is revealed between Kenya Moore and her husband, Marc Daly.

The two were wed in a whirlwind romance back in 2017, and the two welcomed an adorable daughter, Brooklyn Daly in November of 2018. Even though the couple seemed to have the makings of #blacklovegoals, as their story unfolds, it’s clear that this couple has a long way to go before they can bet on a “happily ever after.”

In a sneak peek for this Sunday’s episode, we see Daly defend Kenya’s arch nemesis, NeNe Leakes in front of Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Mike.

At the table, Marc says to the group, ” I care about my family. People say NeNe- blah blah blah. NeNe was nice to me the first time I met all of you.” Kenya seems taken aback by Marc remarks, saying, “I have to remind Marc. When you found out that NeNe said, ‘What am I carrying? A buffalo or something’- you got very offended by that.”

Marc doubled down on the NeNe defense train, saying, ” It was an inappropriate comment, but didn’t she reach out to you after and try to apologize?”

Kenya fired back saying, “No, she actually didn’t.”

But that didn’t stop Marc from having NeNe’s back over his own wife.

“I don’t have a problem with the woman. The woman was very nice to me.”

Interesting revelations for Marc to have considering that NeNe being nice to him does not invalidate Kenya’s feelings about how NeNe treats her. Kandi was shocked that Marc continued to defend NeNe, saying in the testimonial, “Why are you going on with this? Like, you supposed to have your wife’s back- not NeNe’s back. Like, you doin’ too much!”

You can watch the tense conversation below:

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