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1. Happy Mother’s Day

What You Need To Know:

Sunday is Mother’s Day. In this period of sheltering in place and quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic, many aren’t sure what this weekend will look like. This will be unlike any other.

2. What Happened To Sean Reed? Indianapolis Police Fatally Shoot Man After A Chase Possibly Broadcast On Facebook Live

What You Need To Know:

African American leaders around the country are demanding answers from the city of Indianapolis and especially the police department regarding Wednesday’s shooting death of Sean Reed.

3. Coronavirus Update: T.I. and Killer Mike Do Good in the ‘Hood & Feed Atlanta Families in Need

What You Need To Know: 

As the coronavirus crises continues, many citizens are extending their resources and talents to help fill in the gaps of those in need. This week, rappers and business partners T.I. and Killer Mike donated 500 meals to hungry families.

4. Texas Reopening: Here Are The Rules For Hair Salons, Barbershops

What You Need To Know:

Contrary to the advice of medical experts, the state of Texas opens more businesses today as the coronavirus continues to infect and kill more residents.

5. Coronavirus Chronicles: Stephanie Williams

What You Need To Know:

My name is Stephanie. I am a people person, serial hugger, and a germaphobe. I can greet you with a hardy full body hug, but bring me a drink with the straw already in the glass and we have a problem.

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