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1. Donald Trump Plays to His Base

What You Need To Know:

When Donald Trump speaks, people listen… and they also fact check. During an interview with CBS News, the subjects ran the gamut from coronavirus to re-opening schools to excessive force by police.

2. Reparations for Slavery Begin to Take Shape in America’s Cities

What You Need To Know:

The case for reparations is picking up steam as the fight for racial equality has taken center stage in recent months.

3. Coronavirus Update: Covid-19 Immunity Could Decline Within Months

What You Need To Know:

Studies have found that people who have been infected with coronavirus could see their immunity decline within months, said former Harvard Medical School professor Dr. William Haseltine on Tuesday.

4. Minneapolis Police Officers Say They Are Suffering From PTSD After George Floyd Killing— Now They Want to Be Paid

What You Need To Know:

Since the tragic killing of George Floyd by officer Derek Chauvin, and the ensuing protests nationwide, many officers on the Minneapolis police force claim they are battling post-traumatic stress disorder and want to be compensated for their alleged suffering.

5. The $2.5 Billion State Of Black Hair Care Struggling Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

What You Need To Know:

It seems like hair care would be the least of any person’s concern right now, but Black salons often function as the epicenter of the community.

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