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For the readers of Spirit.Ed, every day is National Cocktail Day but for today (March 24), the holiday is truly official. Helping us celebrate this joyous occasion the right way, we’re sharing two delightful cocktails from Hendrick’s Gin, using their new Lunar expression as the base.

If you’ve been following my exploits here at Spirit.Ed, you already know that I’m a big fan of gin as a cocktail base, a neat sipper, or simply paired with tonic should the mood hit me. I believe wholeheartedly that folks who say they’re not fans of gin just haven’t had it the right way or are letting memories of a rough night lord over them.

That said, it’s fully understandable why gin gets the bad rap that it does. I didn’t always enjoy the spirit, and my first introduction to it was a brand I’ll not mention out of respect because someone out there probably enjoys the stuff, and, as it should always be noted, drinking preferences are subjective.

To offer my experiences with Hendrick’s as a brand, it was the first gin I had as a young man years ago that I actually enjoyed. The bartender wisely let me sample the gin on the rocks sans lemon juice, simple syrup, or even a twist, allowing me to develop an affinity for the spirit and all of its beautiful notes on their own. I’ve been a fan of the Scottish gin company’s wares ever since.

The latest expression from Hendrick’s is Lunar, which was conceived under the light of the moon by way of the watchful eyes and guidance of master distiller Lesley Gracie. True to its description, this soft and aromatic gin is booming with floral notes and perfect for sipping slowly on the rocks with a twist of lemon to brighten the aromas, or with a solid pour of tonic to get the gin dancing expertly in the glass.

I primarily enjoy gin either on the rocks, with tonic, or in the classic Martini with a twist. However. Lunar isn’t like the bold London Dry or the sweet Old Tom. It’s something altogether, adding to Hendrick’s legacy of being a leader in the craft gin industry.

The cocktails we’re featuring today, Hendrick’s Lunar Moonlight Delight and Hendrick’s Cosmic Cooler, are crafted to coincide with the Zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces respectively. We’ve got those cocktails listed down below.


Hendrick's Lunar Gin National Cocktail Day

Source: Hendrick’s Gin / Hendrick’s

Hendrick’s Lunar Moonlight Delight (Aquarius)

1 1/2 part Hendrick’s Lunar

1 1/2 part Apple Juice

1/2 part Lime Juice

Top with Ginger Beer

Method: Combine all ingredients except the ginger beer in a wine glass over ice. Top with ginger beer and lightly stir. Garnish with slices of apple and a cucumber tongue.

Hendrick's Lunar Gin National Cocktail Day

Source: Hendrick’s Gin / Hendrick’s

Hendrick’s Cosmic Cooler (Pisces)

2 parts Hendrick’s Lunar

3/4 part Lime Juice

1/2 part Simple Syrup

3 parts Club Soda

Method: Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice. Lightly stir and serve. Garnish with a cucumber spear.

Of the two, and perhaps this is my Piscean bias shining through, the Cosmic Cooler is delightful, refreshing, and a sweet twist on the classic Highball cocktail. Definitely my favorite of the two.

However, the Moonlight Delight is a drink that could have just as much prominence during a fancy day party and at night when conversations are hushed, focused, and contemplative, just what Hendrick’s Lunar is made for.

To learn more about Hendrick’s Lunar, including cocktail recipes, click here.

Photo: Hendrick’s

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