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L.A.'s Top Health Official Says COVID-19 Is Not Sacking Super Bowl LVI

Source: Harry How / Getty

Rising Omicron cases won’t stop the NFL from reaching its endzone, Super Bowl LVI, at SoFi Arena in Los Angeles this year.

Per Deadline, Los Angeles County’s public health director and the chair of its Board of Supervisors are very sure the Super Bowl will happen at SoFi Arena in Inglewood next month on Thursday (Jan.6). This news comes despite a record number of COVID infections being reported in L.A. that has already seen The Grammys announce it’s postponing this year’s award ceremony. 

“It will be challenging if the surge continues into February, but I do think we’re working closely with both the NFL and SoFi Stadium to have a wonderful Super Bowl here with the appropriate safety precautions that will keep fans safe and our community safe,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer stated during a video conference. “I feel really confident the event will happen here in L.A. There’s no indication that it won’t, and we’ll work really closely to enhance safety if, again, we’re still in the middle of a horrific surge.”

Despite the optimism, the NFL’s biggest game is still going down, Ferrer did predict, “I think for the next two weeks, we’re going to continue to see our case rates rise.”

“My hope is that by the time we get to February, we’re on the downside of seeing this massive amount of community transmission,” she continued.

Speaking with reporters, L.A. County Supervisor Holly Mitchell said it would make no sense for the NFL to relocate the big game.

“This is an international pandemic. I’m not sure why it would make more sense to have it in Texas,” she said. Mitchell also added that the safety at the game all depends on the people who will be in attendance.

“My plea is to all of those — local and those who will travel to Inglewood to SoFi Stadium for the Super Bowl — that you follow our health orders and that you mask,” she said. “I would encourage people to get vaccinated and boosted before you come.”

“We shouldn’t assume that individual decisions don’t have the greatest impact in the spread of this virus,” she said. “It’s up to the individual to chose to stay masked through the entire game to keep themselves safe and everyone else.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the NFL confirming on Wednesday (Jan.5) that it was looking at potential replacements if L.A. becomes too hot (no pun intended). One of those spots is AT&T Stadium in Texas, a state that has been very lax regarding COVID-19 restrictions, thank its no-mandates pushing governor Greg Abbott. A spokesman for the league called it a contingency plan and pointed out that the NFL has no plans to relocate the Super Bowl.
Based on how this country moves, you can count on Super Bowl LVI going down on February 13 despite Omicron trying its best to sack it.
Photo: Harry How / Getty

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