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Mozambique is pronounced mow·zam·beek” and is one of the 9 countries located in Southern Africa. This countries original name by the Portuguese was Moçambique after the Island of Mozambique. It derived from Mussa Bin Bique or Mussa Ibn Malik who was an Arab trader who allegedly first visited the island. This country gained its independence on June 25, 1975 from Portugal. Continue reading below to learn more about the beautiful African country, Mozambique.

Mozambique flag simple illustration for independence day or election

Source: Yevhen Borysov / Getty

What Does The Mozambique Flag Represent?

  • Green: the riches of the land
  • White: peace
  • Black: represents the continent of Africa
  • Red: represents the bloodshed during the fight for independence
  • The AK-47 represents both vigilance and defence of the nation

Where is Mozambique located?

Mozambique is located in Southern Africa bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eswatini and South Africa.

World Data Locator Map, Mozambique

Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica / Getty


What Timezone is Mozambique in?

Central Africa Time


Facts About Mozambique:

  1. Capital: Maputo
  2. Population: 31 Million
  3. Nationality: Mozambican
  4. Mozambique made up of 10 provinces
  5. Drinking age: 18 years old
  6. Side of road to drive on: Left


What Are The Official Languages of Mozambique?

Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique.

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What is the Currency in Mozambique?

Currency: Mozambique metical (MZM) is the currency used in Mozambique.

$1 = 63.83 MZM

$20 = 1276.60 MZM

$60 = 3829.80 MZM


Marrabenta is a popular style of Mozambican dance music combining traditional Mozambican dance rhythms with Portuguese folk music.

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What Are The Religions of Mozambique?

In Mozambique the 2 main religions practiced are; Christianity (58%) and Islam (18%).


What Are The Traditional Foods of Mozambique?

Some of the traditional dishes of Mozambique are; Xima and Piri-piri.


Tourist Attractions

Places to visit in Mozambique:

Is Mozambique Safe?

Currently Mozambique is a “Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution


I hope this information has given you more insight into Mozambique but there is so much more to learn! Visit their tourism website here to see more.

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