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Diddy does Super Bowl commercials, but Diddy doesn’t do jingles.

The New York native stars in a Super Bowl commercial for Uber’s latest subscription service Uber One, which joins Uber and Uber Eats together as one service to save money and earn free perks.

In the commercial, we see Diddy getting pitched by some Uber execs to create a song for the new service. But Diddy doesn’t even speak for himself; instead, a representative simply says, “Diddy don’t do jingles.”

The Uber folks keep asking, but the request is repeatedly denied until they say they want a hit. Diddy’s tune changes, and he agrees to do a hit.

“Diddy does do hits,” his imposing bodyguard says. “Diddy is excited.”

“Meet me at the studio,” Diddy says as he cracks a smile as the instrumental for Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” plays in the background.

Danielle Hawley, Uber’s Global Executive Creative Director, hints that this may not be the end of Diddy’s partnership with the company, and a catchy song may really be in the works.

“As the only global company that helps you go anywhere and get anything, our membership program is the best way to save,” Hawley explained in a press release. “We want people to remember that, so for this year’s Super Bowl ad, we set out to help everyone get Uber One stuck in their heads — and what better way to do that than with a hit song?”

Diddy isn’t the only person in the culture to get Super Bowl nods in ads, as Cardi B and Offset are working with McDonald’s, and Missy Elliott and Jack Harlow are involved in a Doritos commercial.

Peep the new spot featuring Diddy above.

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