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Joyful moments of father and his little boy

Source: Volkan ISIK / Getty

Dylan Stone-Miller, an American sperm donor who fathered 96 children and now wants to meet all of them and be a part of their lives.

Stone-Miller started donating sperm in 2010 when he was unemployed and needed to pay a $100 fine. For a long time he was unaware of how many children he might have.

However, in 2022, he received a letter from the sperm bank informing him that his sperm had been used to inseminate 96 women.

Surprised by the news, Stone-Miller decided to contact the sperm bank to get more information about his biological children. They provided him with the names and addresses of the mothers of his children and he began reaching out to them to explain his situation.

Some parents didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Some were willing to welcome Stone-Miller into their lives but have struggled to figure out his role – a biological father, a donor dad, a visitor or special friend. Neither parents nor Stone-Miller are certain where to draw the line.

“There are moments when it feels intrusive with Dylan,” said Alicia Bowes, the mother of one of his many children who has allowed Stone-Miller to visit twice in the past year. “It’s about us figuring out what boundaries are, as well as him figuring out his boundaries.”

So far he has been able to meet 25 of his biological children and hopes to meet more in the future.


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