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A fleet of U.S. postal trucks sits in a line outside of the USPS center.

Source: (BrianBrownImages/Getty Images)

STATEWIDE — Fall is only a few days away, which means the United States Postal Service is gearing up for the holiday season.

On Sunday, over 250 people attended a USPS job fair held in Indianapolis as the Indiana District of the Postal Service is looking to hire upwards of 700 people to take on holiday jobs in order to help them meet demand for the holiday season.

“Many people aren’t thinking about the holiday season yet, but the postal service is. In fact, we plan for a successful peak season all year long,” said Susan Wright, spokesperson for the Indiana District of USPS. “That includes staffing appropriately to deliver the holidays for our customers.”

Wright tells WISH-TV they are also hiring for warehouse jobs and for jobs in mail sorting among others. She said one of the main reasons for hiring holiday workers is to also look for who may be able to take on jobs full-time with USPS.

Starting salaries for these holiday positions could be anywhere from $19 to $22, but they do not come with benefits.

Including packages, USPS saw three billion pieces of mail across the country last holiday season, and they need all the help they can get to make sure each piece is brought to its destination.

“Customers are not only sending packages to their friends and loved ones in time for the holidays, they’re ordering online from companies,” said Wright.

If you’re looking for some holiday work, you can apply on the careers page of the USPS website.


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