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Another loss meant another bad day for Washington Washington Football Team fans. The team’s most recent loss to a winless team has fans hitting rock bottom. The team is now 2-4 on the season and Jim Zorn is 22 games into his tenure. It was another Sunday where the team fell flat despite changing quarterbacks after halftime, the team lost again.

For Washington Football Team fans, this was a painful loss added to a horrible year.

“It’s tough right now. Man it’s just tough. I don’t’ know what to say. I’m at a loss for words,” said Royce Montford as he walked home with his head hanging low.

Inside sports bars across the area, near silence and disappointment.

“Complete disappointment. I think all fans feel that way. Where do you do from here?” asked Washington Football Team fan, Larry Johnson.

“I think Snyder needs to have someone else manage this team or sell to someone that knows what they are doing,” said Anthony Murphy as he watched from a sports bar The Washington Football Team bandwagon definitely has emptied some.

On this day, Steelers, Giants and Saints fans outnumbered the burgundy and gold. Television screens no longer exclusively show the Washington Football Team.

One fan yelled, “Dan Snyder you’re fired!”

As the call for change intensifies; some have already changed teams.

David Benet now cheers on the New Orleans Saints. “It’s frustrating to watch the Washington Football Team. They have all the talent but can’t get it together. Something has to change,” Said Benet.

“I think the problem is coaching I don’t know why they haven’t fired Zorn yet,” Said Jeff Schiffman

“We need a new coach. A new G.M. A new owner. We need everything,” said diehard Washington Football Team fan Brian Merriam.

With a score like this and another loss to another winless team, the question is what happened? Even the youngest know.

They should have came out with a win. They couldn’t punch it in and couldn’t move the ball,” said Riley Shaver.

“I hoped they would pull it off, but they didn’t and they haven’t won for a while,” said pintsize fan Brendan Shaver.

For some, game day has turned into the loneliest day of the week.

“Ugh! Oh man! I’m just so mad right now; just to be a burgundy and gold fan,” said Johnson.