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During one of last week’s Conan episodes, comedian Deon Cole jokingly told Conan that his advertisers need to do a better job advertising “specifically to Black people”. “Everybody’s done one,” Cole quipped. “Colgate, McDonald’s, Tide laundry detergent.”

This skit made me wonder if a Black version of a commercial is a necessity.

African-Americans are projected to break the $1 trillion mark in purchasing within U.S. markets by 2012. African-Americans are a significant consumer and hold much power in a vast number of markets– unmistakeably why numerous companies put millions of dollars into advertising towards African-Americans.

Regardless of the reason they market to Black people, do you feel that these commercials influence your buying habits? Do these commercials connect with you personally? Do they work better than commercials that don’t directly target a specific race? Are these commercials offensive? Are the portrayals  authentic?

You be the judge.

Watch the Conan O’Brien Skit:

Are Commercials That Target African-Americans Necessary?

Watch the videos below and share what you think about them.

Doritos Commercial:

McDonald’s Commercial:

Tide Commercial:

Allstate Commercial:

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Crest Commercial:

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