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Today at 5pm on Beauty, Brains & the Bottom Line, Dr. SaFiya Hoskins interviews Dr. Carol O’Connor, author of the forthcoming, Relevance in the Curriculum: Reaching the Reluctant Reader.

Dr. O’Connor states:

     “Many students report that they do not read outside the school setting, and large numbers do so reluctantly – if at all – at school. A great deal of literature has suggested that relevance is a critical factor in promoting student engagement, While objections are frequently raised regarding fears of “dumbing down” the curriculum, the opposite is true if teachers can engage students through content that is interesting, appropriate  and challenging.

            Utilizing elements of popular culture and a variety of media to engage youth has been shown to boost the performance of under-performing students, and to effectively reach those most likely to fail. Through this engagement, students can be moved through materials and tasks of increasing complexity, and regain the intrinsic motivation most had as young children.”

Dr. Carol O’Connot is a K-16 educator and president of Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation, an international hip hop education organization with offices in Cape Coast, Ghana and Jackson, Mississippi.

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