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Each week an Interactive One Editorial team staffer will share their top 5 picks for our Greatest Sitcom Bracket of All-Time Competition.  Make sure to vote for your favorites!

There are many Black sitcoms that have graced The Boob Tube, but only a few can be placed in the top spots. A great black sitcom delivers laughs, lessons and tackles issues dealing with the urban community. Whether it be about relationships, relocating, or being a twin, sitcoms can be beneficial to the individual and to the entire audience it may reach.These 5 Black sitcoms are my favorite:

5. Sister Sister

Being a twin and teenager in high school must be the three hardest combinations out there. Tia and Tamera made it look easy as they dealt with boys, books and beauty. The Sister, Sister theme song was even cool!

4. Moesha

Back when doing “The Bounce” was cool, Brandy transformed into Moesha– a high school-er with an attitude and tight braids. Moesha conquered topics all through-out life like losing your virginity, smoking marijuana and dealing with best friend issues. I remember tuning in every week to catch the latest episode, because if you didn’t there wouldn’t be anything to talk about at the lunch table.

3. Girlfriends

A look into the life of black females going through relationship and friendship issues–what else could you possibly need in a sitcom? Girlfriends had beautiful strong women and the laughs and tears that go along with love. Raunchy and real–the ladies in Girlfriends brought back that “Living Single” feeling.

2. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Will Smith moved to Bel-Air and a “Fresh Prince” was born. Of all the black sitcoms Will embraced the highest spirit mixed with extravagant acting skills. From Carlton’s signature dance to Will being shot–The Fresh Prince spared no humor and brought the drama.

1.The Martin Lawrence Show

Back in the 90’s, The Martin Lawrence show reigned supreme. It topped all laughs and  tapped into all aspects and showed the multi-comedic platforms of Martin Lawrence. Martin and Gina’s romance brewed and diminished right before our eyes with best friends to compliment the transition. Although Martin joked, the message was still clear. The Martin Lawrence Show promoted a new black love. No television show after has been able to replicate Martin and Gina’s love.

Honorable Mentions:

The Jamie Foxx Show, The Wayans Brothers, In The House, Living Single