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BOSTON – LeBron James is being criticized by CBS Sports writer, Matt Moore for answering a reporters question with “That’s retarded” as being un-PC.

“What’s the big deal?!” critics of modern society will cry! “It’s not like he called someone a slur like Kobe!” Let’s start by recognizing that these are two separate incidents, unrelated to one another, and there’s room for us to look at both through the lens of their impact on society. The use of such a term only propogates a cultural and societal feeling of disgust and derision for those physically or mentally handicapped. The actual clinical definition describes a lowered intelligence quotient, but the term isn’t used in that manner with any discretion or consideration. I’m far from an expert on physical and mental disability, but it’s pretty plain that anything which would casually deride victims of such a condition is unacceptable. Sticks and stones and what not, but James’ comment still sets an example This isn’t a high bar, here, people.

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